Voice Search Optimization: Why Should You Take it Seriously

Voice Search Optimization: Why Should You Take it Seriously

When someone talks about the latest SEO trends, one of the first things that come to mind is voice search optimization. If you have any doubts, we must tell you that Google’s current CEO, Mr. Sunder Pichai, mentioned in 2016 that one out of every five online searches done in the Android App in the US was a voice search.

By optimizing their website for voice search, the businesses can raise awareness about their brand. The visibility they receive results into more website traffic. The customers feel more engaged to your brand if you take this approach seriously.

Let’s understand why an online user prefers voice search. It allows a smartphone user to perform other tasks while searching something online. If someone is baking cake, he/she can simply give command using Google to ensure ingredients are added in the right proportion.

A lot of individuals feel that giving the commands through voice search on website saves a lot of their time when compared to typing. In fact, numerous writers write their material (at least the rough draft) using voice commands.

For some users, giving a detailed command is easier than writing a long sentence. Consider this: Saying Ok Google! Find me the best restaurants in Chicago and getting the answer instantly looks more appealing and easier than typing it on your smartphone.

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