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“There are 3 responses to a piece of Design; YES, No and WOW. WOW! IS WHAT WE AIM FOR”

Our Philosophy:

We believe in Customer Engagement and that can only happen when your website is attractive and informative enough for visitor to spend time on it. At MozWebMedia we will build you an interactive design that not just interprets who you are as a brand but will uplift your marketing Game.


Our Approach

At MozWebMedia, our engineers work on the EAT WAY Approach for any website:

In Today’s business landscape, websites are one of the pre-requisites of overcoming competition. Having an intuitive and well-performing website is one of the ways of enticing customers and showcasing professionalism. Web design services in Chicago are directed towards enhancing business awareness and you can get services such as templates, semi-custom, and fully custom websites.Templates Websites-This is one of the web design services Chicago and it is offered to small scale businesses who may not have the money to have a custom website. The team selects like three WordPress templates where the client is supposed to pick from. Template websites can also be customized through features like color choice, logo, and photos.

Semi-Custom Websites-This is a website that combines a WordPress template and complete customization. This is for businesses with a modest budget who want to have more control over the looks of their business website. Chicago website design company can design for you the website to suit your business with fully customized features.

Fully Custom Websites for Your Business-These are websites made specifically for your business with features representing all your business. Web design agency Chicagonormally plans on sitemap, wireframes, and design direction to ensure everything is a true reflection of the business.

Responsive Website That Is User-Friendly

Our aim is to make sure responsive and navigation on the website is very easy. For this reason, we develop websites in a very customized manner ensuring you have both mobile and desktop version. Besides just building new websites, eCommerce website design Chicago can redesign all your website to be as you want it to be.

We combine the best creativity and professionalism to create stunning websites that will be attractive and functionally excellent. Website design company Chicago has many years of professional competence so you should expect the best services.

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Usability Function Simplicity Navigation



YOU Tell us what you need....
THEN We’ll Design it the Way you like and the Visitors would Love.

ONLY Pay us for what you need.
GET We‘ll showcase your expertise in the most interesting way to get people on board.
WOW! Your website would turn into your company’s best salesperson.


Phase 1


  • Identifying target Audience
  • Goals and mission of a website
  • Information Topics
  • Functionality
  • Content Requirement
  • Competitive analysis

Phase 2


  • Organize Files
  • Develop & individually test components

Phase 3


  • Final Design Approval
  • Browser Compatibility Check
  • Upload Website files on Server
  • Plugin Installation
  • Launch

Phase 4


  • Testing On Different Browser
  • Test With Different Screen Resolution
  • Testing With Different Bandwidth
  • Bug Fixes
  • Test, Test, Test

Final Phase
Site Launch

Site Launch

  • Site Structure
  • Aesthetics
  • Wire framing
  • Usability
  • Navigation
  • Scalability
  • Speed