Must-Have Features in a Mobile App

Must-Have Features in a Mobile App

In the first quarter of 2020, there were more than 2.56 millions on Google Play Store. And on Apple’s App Store, almost 1.85 million apps were available. [Source: Statista]

The rising dependency of internet users on mobile apps has resulted in this massive growth. Many individuals and businesses are venturing into the world of smartphone applications to increase their revenue. A mobile application development company from the USA can help you in creating a user-friendly website that matches the latest standards.

When you plan to create your first mobile app, make sure that it has following features.

Push Notifications

Sending messages through your app in form of notifications is one of the basic features. By doing so, you can tell your customers about latest features, offers, and new products. The online retail apps tell the customers about the status of their order through push notifications. Whereas, the content-based apps notify the users about latest news, articles, or scoops.


The mobile users prefer an app that listens to them. Allow your users to share their complaints, suggestions, and bugs. Inform them about the improvements done to the app in response to the users’ feedback.

Social media integration

Integrating your app with social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offers multiple benefits. First, the users can sign in to your app easily using their social media accounts. Second, they can share content from the app on their account. The second advantage specifically helps in spreading the word about your app.


For some apps–like eCommerce, dating, event listing, and property listing—geolocation is inevitable. The remaining apps must also have geolocation to offer personalized experience to their users according to their location.

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