10 Latest 2020 SEO Trends that You Should Know

Fruitful SEO and competent digital marketing of website are the two popular success aspects of any online business. Are you also running an online business? If yes, it is vital to know about the latest SEO trends in 2020 to achieve success for your venture. Following these trends can benefit website owners, digital marketers and help in selecting the Best SEO Company Chicago . SERPs are getting smarter in 2020, thus accelerating the need to apply the latest tactics for the website growth and ranks.

Sneak at the top 10 SEO trends of 2020:
  • SERP Consolidation- SERPs are now following a unique trend to enhance the website growth, boost up the ad percentage and get the desirable clicks right away. Concentrate on featured snippets and answer dialogue boxes to fetch some organic clicks. This trend needs consideration this year.
  • Keyword Research- You need to ensure that the search engine optimization services Chicago you select follow a proper keyword research methodology. Google answers everything you can imagine and the right keyword research can only help you to arrive in its top answer list. The smallest speck of doubt might take a significant toll on your website.
  • Improvised engagement metrics by influencers- Every best SEO Company Chicago knows the fact that engagement metrics is another vital SEO Trend of 2020. It is a crucial factor to boost the traffic driven towards your website. Bounce rate, time on page, return visits, dwell time and comments all matter to provide you rankings. Not just that, it increases the credibility and engagement rate of your website as well. SEO is now more about the hashtags and follower growth rate online.
  • Voice search- In 2020, as per a survey, more than 60% of the smartphone users are switching to the use of voice search commands in the last 12 months. Now the best SEO Company Chicago realizes the voice search significance and incorporating it tactfully. Making your website compatible with the voice search commands is the rising need of the hour.
  • Entity popularity and engagement- Popularity for the local search results of businesses in at an all-time high and bound to increase more in the next year. While you are selecting the search engine optimization services in Chicago, it is vital to consider entity engagement on a primary basis.
  • Search intent- A new SEO algorithm prioritizes on search intent made through various platforms of Google. It aims at boosting the efficacy of search engine results and provide them with what they want. By selection of the best SEO Company in Chicago, you can also add surety of search intent trend into your website SEO.
Other vital SEO trends of 2020 that you must know are as follows:
  • Properly Structured Data
  • Vitality of brand building
  • Increasing momentum for user experience
  • Knowledge Graph optimization

So now you know the list of things to enquire before hiring any search engine optimization services Chicago. Missing out on any of these crucial SEO trends might hamper your website growth and development. Search online for the best SEO companies offering you these services!

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