Top Revenue Models for Your Mobile Apps

Top Revenue Models for Your Mobile Apps

The mobile app revenue will reach a staggering 935 billion dollars by 2023. This prediction by statistics portal Statista hints why a plethora of mobile applications are added to the app stores each year.

You don’t have to be a coder to develop your mobile device app. An agency offering mobile application development in the USA can do this for you. They just need to know your idea, expectations, and long-term goals.

In the subsequent sections, we have discussed top revenue models to earn money through mobile apps.


It is one of the oldest methods to earn money online. There are plenty of ad networks that connect developers with advertisers. You can approach companies directly to place banner or video ads on your app.


In this revenue model, you offer a free version of your app or game. If a user likes the app, he/she will pay you extra for premium features.

Subscription model

You can create a content-based app to offer well-researched articles, books, or videos. Rather than creating your original content, you can associate with other content creators.

E-commerce apps

Sell your own products or list products of other makers and suppliers. The former approach helps you reach more customers, while the latter gives you a chance to earn a good commission.

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