Strategies To Make Your Website More User-Friendly

When connecting with a trustworthy website design company from Chicago, we often put our requirements in detail. More often than not, several aspects are ignored by us. Through this blog post, we will discuss these aspects that will help you get more sales. We won’t be focusing on obvious web design tips like SEO-friendly content, responsive web design, etc.

These are some ignored we usually ignore.

Symbols that instill trust

To establish your credibility, try getting badges from review sites like Yelp. Security seal or similar symbols also instill trust. Don’t forget to showcase testimonials from customers.

Shorten your forms

A lot of customers don’t prefer sharing information like their location, last name, and other personal info, especially if you are offering only some free PDF in exchange. Ask them only for their email ID, first name, and zip code.

Online Chat

Several businesses feel that online chat is limited to post-sales service. If you have an online chat option, you can attract a lot of customers and turn them into hot leads.

Not dealing with broken pages

Both the customers and search engines hate the page with ‘404 error.’ The visitors feel more irritated when it is a landing or product page.

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