Page Speed: Role in SEO and how to improve it

Search engine optimization is not a single techniques but a mix of various strategies. Improving page speed is one of them.

Page speed refers to the time it takes to load all the contents of a particular page of a website. Google takes this factor seriously when ranking pages on its search engine. It even has its own tool to check the performance of your page. [Find it here]

A reliable SEO company from Chicago helps you improve the page speed of your website. Some essential ways to do so include:

Minify code

The SEO companies have web developers that optimize your website’s code to make it faster. They remove commas, spaces, and other elements that aren’t necessary. You can also hire a freelance developer specifically for this purpose.

Reduce server response time

The time taken by DNS lookup also decides the loading time of your page. A DNS server is responsible for translating a URL into the IP address for indicating its location online. Sounds technical? Fret Not! A Chicago SEO company knows how to handle it to ensure your website loads faster.

Select the right hosting

Shared hosting is fine if the traffic on your website is not high. As the traffic increases, this type of hosting can slow down the server response time. Moving to a VPS or a dedicated server gets necessary in such situations.

Decrease image sizes

A lot of us don’t realize but images also play a role in page speed. The presence of images with large file sizes can slow down your pages. Instead of reducing those images, you can reduce their file size.

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