How to make your Web Page Evergreen

How to make your Web Page Evergreen

Evergreen content is content that stays relevant even after years of getting published. Such content maintains consistency in terms of search engine results. Even your digital marketing agency in USA will recommend you to do so.

So, how to make your web pages evergreen?

Begin by writing content for the users, and not just Google bots. It is a good idea to include definitions and explanations related to your product/service or industry. You might get placed on Knowledge Graph results due to this effort.

Also, place how-to articles, as it also loved by both readers and Google. The readers love them because offer practical solutions to different challenges.

Talking about your company’s values and beliefs is something that never gets outdated. Your customers would like to know about what do you feel about the customer’s challenges or what fuels you to deliver your best in the profession. Such information will look fresh even after decades.

Don’t use images that are copyrighted. You might face penalties. Even the website visitors doubt your credibility if also notice the image somewhere else on the internet. There are various free stock photo websites that you can use for your image search.

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