How is B2B Social Media Marketing Different?

How is B2B Social Media Marketing Different?

It is a common misconception among several companies that we can apply similar social media marketing strategies for both B2B and B2C businesses. In reality, there is a substantial difference between both. A reliable social media marketing company from Chicago will also use different strategies for different business types.

Let’s discuss these differences in detail.


When the target consumers are the end users, the audience is vast. You usually target the audience by location or age group. For B2B businesses, the target size is usually small.

Marketing platforms

The most preferred platform for targeting B2C consumers is Facebook and Instagram. Conversely, the focus is more on LinkedIn and Twitter. Though, one can’t ignore the role of Facebook in the case of later, too. The renowned SMO companies in Chicago keeps a balance among these platforms.

Content creation

The tone of the content is more casual and creative when targeting business-to-customer clients. When we are focusing on business-to-business, the focus is on statistics and information that helps the readers in their business processes. Therefore, white papers and industry news is quite prevalent. Other essential content types include case studies and webinars.

All these factors show there is a substantial difference between the two types of businesses. At Moz Web Media, we understand these differences explicitly. Therefore, we design the SMO campaigns that precisely match the industry of our clients.

This involves understanding the needs and budget, followed by the nature of the business. Read more about this SMO company in Chicago from here:

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